@sophia he has tremendous Bryce Youngquist energy. one day we will likely have to fight for dominance, by shaking each others hands firmly

@bryceyoungquist the only true and dignified way to settle a power dispute

@bryceyoungquist @sophia oh, will you go in for a genuine back pat because you value each other as the people that you are?

@sophia wow I wish every video like that first one was titled that way

@sophia i never saw this in the women's choice category hmm

@sophia i don't know why "i disinfect the casting couch" in particular is making me lose it

@sophia iirc this guy’s name is Ryan Creamer and they sent him a PH letterman jacket with CREAMER on it

@Tunnelman @sophia I finally looked at his channel and lol he uses that as a prop in a video

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