With the debate over vs raging on, I look at why Windows is unquestionably the top choice in the foreseeable in terms of ease, , and . Noble as advocacy is, can it really compete, especially among , going forward?

Proud of you all for boosting this even tho you definitely hate it. Ily, that's friendship ❤

Some of you did not watch the video and it shows

@sophia I'm calling it now: one day the bait and switch is going to be the gnome instead of rick astley and everyone will be surprised

@Vetra @sophia Me too. Its been a long time since my last good one happened. <3

Uff, especially the part about ethics got me to reconsider using #Microsoft #Windows. Would never have thought how bad #GNU #Linux actually ist from that standpoint.

I totally disagree with the arguments of the video, especially around 30 sec

@sophia perfect 🏅.

i haven't been rolled in years! and with my laptop speakers on in the middle of a coffeeshop no less.

@sophia i love you sophia this is so helpful and educational, especially for someone like me who knows nothing about operating systems

incredibly detailed fact checking, i am fully conviced now.

@sophia Well, it's not windows, but it's the only good linux anyway.

@sophia saw it coming, clicked anyway, no regrets!

@sophia this is wonderful thank you for your contributions to finding the best #software for #women on the #internet

@sophia always the same arguments, over and over…


@sophia what i should be mad over: being rickrolled
what i am mad over: the song isnt FUCKING COMPLETE

I think the reason why #Microsoft #Windows is the first choice is mainly the support of hardware manufacturers, the education system that teach about the only viable choice and so on. There is a market structure is pointed to support Windows as the only option. That's a deniable true that ends in making a market that goes around it (making Main software only avaible on it).

@sophia have you considered putting a few seconds of actual content in at the start so it's a double bait-and-switch

@sophia i'm not proud of this name coincidence ^^v

@sophia some of us knew, in our hearts, what would be in the video from the moment it first appeared, and could not stop ourselves from alternately saluting and dabbing

@sophia I feel like I have suffered enough, although.. I guess I'm never gonna give you up....

@sophia I click play just to make sure it is what I suspect it to be.

@sophia that debate has ages, but it 's common on the newbies because advanced users use free/net/open/bsd systems or gentoo and slackware on gnu/linux side

why windows? Just for playing some games that wine doesn't support

@TheEnbyperor I would give up playing these videos, but I wouldn't want to let @sophia down 🤷‍♂️

@sophia Wow, with a guarantee like that, Windows is the best OS ever!

Does it count as a rickroll if you thought "never going to give you up" was the actual argument for Windows over Linux? To be fair, it's what has worked for the last 20 years.

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