My living room window is now officially taken over by garden shit. I built shelving into it earlier this year and now they're full of pots and seed trays, using clear storage boxes for propagation. 🍃

Butternut squash, 56 sunflowers, giant pumpkins, parsley, basil, collard greens, and courgette

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B&Q have been doing cheap storage boxes like this which are sturdy and a decent size, ideal for window ledges. When these are transferred to pots both the lids and boxes will be full of them, for both drainage and to stop them being knocked off.

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@sophia Yum!

When I grew courgettes years ago, this dog helped out by eating chunks out of them and sicking it right back up again.

@sophia You should totally post progress on your indoor garden at ecosteader! I love it.

@sophia It will be time for gardening again soon indeed! 🌱 :flan_squee:

I am planning to try making pumpkin seeds sprout which I've extracted from a huge muscat pumpkin, cleaned, and left to dry :flan_luck:

@stsp I love pumpkins for carving but absolutely hate pumpkin. I've grown a few before and they take over the whole damn garden lmao
Looking forward to growing a giant

@sophia aah youre so organised!! haha ! woo !

@sophia That's really cool! I feel tempted to do the same 🌱

@sophia tis the season. we've got 2 grow box going in our front room as well. they make the worst furniture. lol.

@sophia dangit, not only a master troll, but now also making me ashamed that I haven't started germination of this year's new chili plants yet… 😭

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