@sophia AKA I'll just update my kernel, what could possibly go wrong

@sophia Ha ha sometimes Linux and Nvidia are like mentos and Coca-Cola for your computer

@sophia @Roland

I just installed them ... should I go back to noveau?

@sophia I remember my second #Debian #GNU / #Linux install with a SIS graphic card…

@sophia Has Nvidia really been that bad on Linux lately? I used Nvidia for *years* because Intel had no support (and no GPUs, lol) and AMD was useless with both their terrible open source drivers and their broken binary blobs.

I used to run around with the Linux game developer/porter crowd (UT, Quake, etc etc) and they all loved Nvidia because it worked so well. Also, we had direct access to one of their engineers (head of their Linux driver development team?). I forgot his name though; It's been over 10 years now...

@feld all well and good if you're familiar with linux or operating systems in general, much less good if you're new or you don't have access to a walkthrough of common issues. It can be a nightmare.
My first experience with linux was installing debian and xorg mocking me for 2 days. It's better than it was a decade ago but I've recently talked a friend through very similar problems.
A number of folks have chimed in here echoing those woes.

@sophia You're absolutely right about that. I have hundreds of hours of experience with Linux/FreeBSD, Xorg/X11, Nvidia, Twinview, Xinearama, and all manner of desktop environments.

I abandoned Linux/FreeBSD on the desktop back around 2012-2013 because I just don't have time for it anymore. The upgrade cycles were too painful. I don't have time to debug my desktop anymore; I just need to get work done.

So if you consider my consulting rate or my salary previously it's so much cheaper to just pay Apple all the moneys to make these problems go away.

I definitely miss it sometimes, but I'm in a shell on *nix servers all day anyway so I'm not really missing out on much. I think it's just nostalgia.

@feld Yeah, this is where 'just install linux' falls flat. There's all these takes around about how anyone can do it, as were floating around the day I posted this, but it's entirely contingent on luck with hardware compatibility if you don't have the experience to back it up when issues arise, or time to learn more than most would ever care to.

@feld I will have you know I run windows xp with litestep so I definitely know linux, checkmate

@sophia Just install Linux in four easy steps.
1) Install Windows 10.
2) Enable WSL
3) Install Ubuntu or Suse from the Microsoft store.
4) Install a Windows based X server
5*) Ignore folks yelling about how this has everything except "Linux".

*Five isn't easy.

@sophia Only thing that makes me feel better about that are the problems my son has had with graphics cards in his Windows box...

>"Just install linux, what could go wrong"
>what could go wrong"

@sophia the nouveau drivers are pretty great though (says the guy who specifically buys Intel GPUs since 2012 to avoid driver issues)

@Xowap I did this last time and found some obscure hardware incompatiblity issue instead :blobpensive:

@sophia Pff, all this talk about Linux, video drivers, and gaming.

Nethack and wumpus are all you need. 😎

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