It took me a while to figure out why my freckles and lines weren't initially showing up in selfies today. Turns out Samsung phones have skin tone smoothing enabled as standard ffs

@J Yeah you can but it's on right out of the box which it's a massive oof for feeding esteem shit innit

@sophia Did you use a different phone before today, or was this just always there?

@apetresc started using a new phone the other day, just tried the front camera which has it enabled.

@sophia Samsung wants to make sure everyone looks white

@sophia you could write like a book on what this indicates about us

@johnrandom it's really quite jarring.
I just looked so glowing and perfect and it was really weird, it's easy to see how people could get sucked into that self image and start to dislike the very human parts of their face. Lines and marks are natural and so beautiful

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