The fediverse is a special place, where tit pics regularly become threads about linux distros and laptops

@sophia It reminds me of the summer of slackware. it was a balmy 1996 summer...

@sophia seldomly vice versa, for better or worse (autocorrect suggested "weirder"... I'm conflicted)

@sophia but you're pretty and you make great photos! aesthetic :3

(should get one of those washoff tattoos with the arch logo for shock value tbh, and the emacs logo, the full thing, in color)

@sascha thank you! 😊

I should get one with the manjaro logo and 'arch linux' under it

@sascha I've got my emoji on here set up with it
Debian :debian:
Ubuntu :ubuntu:
Tux :tux:
The gnu cow :gnu:
Arch :archlinux:


nude linux distros wrestling 

@sophia nude Debian sunbathing then
Ubuntu forking branch 69 in plain sight

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