Idk why but I've been seeing it start getting used more and more in left/progressive circles again and I want to yell :screm_cat:

@sophia but how will we save the planet if noone clicks on petitions?!

@sophia I always tell those people, that I would like to sign their petition, but not on
Some of them just didn't know (but normally say "but now I've started it on change, it would be a waste of effort to switch" or something along those lines) some of them actually decide to ignore the data mining because "it reaches so many people".
It makes me wanna cry every time...

@till @sophia that is a concern, but getting screamed at or getting rude comments for asking ( ONLY ASKING) to join me on signal.. Has gotten me some nasty characters. They apparently only text or what's app.. The world is doomed, I tell ya. Quantum computing.. Just end it already.

@sophia Hm. I never thought about it that way, but you’re right.

@sophia yes and of you'd like to sign my petition about this...

@sophia I feel like it's more dangerous as a feel-like-you're-doing-something-but-actually-you're-doing-nothing-at-all operation

"Don't take action or do anything like that which would require effort, just sign this online petition! It's just as good!"

@ben it is. They prey on that desire to help, and even if you tell people what they're doing a lot will defend it because 'well they're at least doing good'. It's extremely unclear what you're giving away and to who, it's absolutely terrible

@sophia yep, and there's no escape, everyone's using that crap and I don't have anything to point to that works equally well and seamless either

@sascha this is what irks me about change.. There are at least alternatives. Not great ones necessarily but certainly lesser evils that work

@sophia yeah, but people mostly care about immediately tangible benefits.

They're already signed up to Discord.
Their friends are already signed up to Discord.
Discord is familiar and unlike most FOSS projects they also have a UX team.

Privacy issues have the problem of being intangible. Until people get so pinpoint accurate ads they accuse Facebook of literally listening on the microphone because they can't fathom the ambient data they leave behind could lead to such accurate predictions about their purchasing behavior.

@sophia So yeah, I use Signal and IRC and SSB and Mastodon (right now in fact whoa) but it's really hard to convince people that haven't seen the impact or understand the implications of massive data collection

@sascha it's intensely and continually frustrating 😬

Like I've been asked to share a petition that's hosted on change and I can't in good conscience do it knowing that they're bastards. They really latch on to people's desire to do good and ultimately ends up with them thinking it's a worthy trade despite not knowing what they're trading. I hate that shit.

@sophia yup, it’s a for profit b-corp. I think a lot of people assume that .org automatically means non profit but uhhhhh nope 🙃

@pbandkate The whole 'but it's doing good' along with 'they don't charge' makes a lot of people assume they're ok too

@sophia And after you sign a petition on there, they spam the fuck out of you forever.

@trebach So can the people who run the petitions themselves, or whoever they sell potentially sell your details to 😬

@sophia I think data mining has long been in the political sphere. I did a very small amount of work with the Obama campaign and to this date I am still getting e-mails from Democratic politicians. I can't seem to get off their lists.

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