Oh good lord there is a guy trying to talk to me about Linux seriously and no never nope. I'm a masochist, not an idiot.

@sophia I’m a masochist not an idiot sounds like a good autobiography title



this is why I try to not talk about tech much on here even though I'm actually interested in it

don't want to attract techbros

@mal it's frustrating. I want to talk about it but it's so hard to do unless you just ignore that shit or put up with it, and you're always wrong about something



follower only posts is the best thing I can think of if you're conscientious of who you let follow you but even that will result in some frustration, plus excluding the plenty of non-techbros who may not follow you but might be interested

it sucks that they're around basically lol

@sophia smh only girls are allowed to talk about linux

@sophia Nah, I mean it sounds like once a week a linux bro goes into mansplain mode at you.

@Guinevere Ahh, hazard of being in nerd spaces and talking. One day I'll probably stop again 😬

@sophia I see a lot of girls in hardware/software on here. Tbh, I think it's possible to fight the boys club mentality and normalize our presence just through numbers.

But those final frontiers are gonna suffer from heavily reactionary bitching moreso than gamergate.

@Guinevere I think you're probably right but it will take a lot of numbers across the board and a lot of resolve. I've personally reconsidered my presence a lot.
I do worry it'll be a long time before they/the world at large stop seeing it as theirs or throw away the idea we're less capable unless society as a whole catches up too. Progress is being made but that's been said since I was a kid

@sophia I don't think it's fair to have any one person shoulder the burden. Individuals get picked off and harassed. But if we shut them out as we get our community up to speed on new tech, we will be a lot stronger overall.

I see it as similar to the way women hunt in hunter-gatherer societies. Men often hunt alone for status. But in places where women hunt it's often done as a unified group which generally leads to higher yields per calorie expended.

@tqft lol no don't worry, I assumed what you said was light hearted

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