If anyone wants these (or others) in higher res, they're on flickr.com/photos/glitterandgrace

@sophia Wow! Mosses and lichens are this year's hottest wildlife.

@sophia I used to hate this kind of character when I started with photography, but I can't remember why

@sophia I really like what you did with light and shadow here

@sophia honestly the more i think about it the more we need an unsplash and a free culture CC-like license where heavy users still need to pay artists :/ I hate having to pick between a free culture license and a less free more anticapitalist one that will also prohibit use I'd consider absolutely valid :/

@sascha It's a difficult balance with art and believing in free sharing because it's usually such a labour of love and also a job . Few will pay artists voluntarily even if they're able, so it's usually a sacrifice of that belief to survive

@sophia I find the AGPL for code and CC-BY-SA with dual-license options for those that want to use it in commercial projects is the best we can do right now :/ but it's not optimal

@sophia Really nice! Of all my lenses, my macro is the one that gives me the most joy. There's just so much interesting stuff around us at that scale that only really stands out once we look through a macro lens.

Have you considered getting a Pixelfed account? They federate really well with Mastodon in my experience.

@meqif I love my macro, I met to use it not. not just at that scale either, some of the effects I've had from using it in every day photos is really good. Reminds me a lot of photos I used to get with my kit I had as a kid. Rough edges and grain really bring photos to life for me

@sophia Yeah, all that roughness seems to make the photos somehow more... real and genuine? It's hard to put into words, but it does make the photos feel less artificial. I bet the added nostalgia makes it even better for you.

My macro is a 100mm that doubles as a regular lens as well and I found it creates fantastic portraits — the combination of the compressed depth of field and bokeh is just sublime.

@sophia sophia these are _gorgeous_. using that first one as a wallpaper!!

@sophia Whoa, that lens really is neat—the distortion toward the edges is wild 😯!

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