All of these are cc by-sa-nc so do what you want with them I guess just credit me innit

@sophia These are wonderful! I really like the droplets on the moss - but moss is always my favorite :blobcat:

They are absolutely spectacular!
Thank you for this! :)

@sophia I like the first one with the moss against a stone wall. The depth of field is nice.
What was your setup for that, if I may ask? (I looked at flickr, but it didn't show that)

@tbr I'm using a Nikon d200 with a vintage cosina 28 mm macro

@sophia except put them into an ibm training dataset of photos, i hope.

@sophia also did you take these pictures? They're like mega good

@popefucker I did, thank you! Thinking of doing a bit more macro and focusing on texture too

@sophia I like the second one because you can see the fuzz on the moss really clearly

@sophia I adore the mood you’ve captured with these. :)

@sophia Très jolie. J'avais fait un cliché dans le même genre il y a quelques temps. Bonne journée :)

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