@sophia woah, that's a great hue of green! Here in Germany lichen are often more grayish or lightly turquoise, like this one (which was actually shot in Scotland, but serves as a good example ^^). They give a forest some kind of ancient atmosphere, I always feel like those old trees are much wiser than I'll ever be. But your green looks much younger and livelier and… playful? :)

@daniel_bohrer or does seem fairly new, on a branch left on the roadside so it cannot have been there long. I'm considering going back and getting some of it for further pictures

@sophia oh ok I see. Now I'm intrigued for more, but decide for yourself :)

@sophia wow, these are stunning! Have you ever seen some illustrations by Hernst Heckel? He's a 19th century naturalist, and, I don't know why, but your shots keep reminding me of his work!
Nice pics btw, you really have a nice eye for detail! :blobcatheart:

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