As Easter is coming up, I'd like to take a moment to say that bunnies are cute but also huge dickheads. They're rarely docile and cuddly and will absolutely destroy everything you love.

They live 10+ years, cost as much as a dog, and need a lot of time and attention. 75% of rabbits in the UK are neglected and many bought at Easter don't even make it to a year old.

Know what you're getting into, or stick with chocolate.

@sophia Also they eat their own partially digested poop (they're supposed to as part of normal digestion). If you want a bunny because you think it's cute, reconsider whether you will still think it's cute after watching it eat shit every day.

@sophia @activationfxn this one makes very loud smacking sounds when he is eating his. I swear you can hear it across the room.

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