@sophia Someone just told me Thursday is Friday Jr. So even if it isn't Friday, it is...

*James Bond voice* Friday. Friday, Jr.

@sophia ob the internet it's always Friday, somewhere


very fresh very fun very flirty yes yes yes im loving it :slimeheart:

@sophia again... Your tattoo is so cool. and also your lingerie 😁

I am just....utterly flattened by how beautiful you are in this pic.

Which is amazing, in and of itself, cause I have seen a lot of your pics. 💖

@AudreyJune ahh :blobcatmelt: thank you ❤
I felt really pretty doing these ones

@sophia always good to feel as pretty as you look.💖💜💙

@sophia "skinny white arch linux user... " 😂 👍

In reference to your toots about image alt texts: Noone shall ever bother you because of this - because the ones you do are perfect 😁

@sophia That's a neat tattoo, what is it of if you dont mind me asking?

@Alumina inspired by orbital trajectories and Kandinsky but ultimately means nothing, it just looks pretty

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