Please stop giving people shit for not writing image descriptions. Typing can be hard enough for some of us as it is, having to type twice as much or even more than the toot itself can be a hellish prospect and we don't/can't always use accessibility devices.


One thing that really sucks about this is there's an expectation that you disclose you have a disability in order for not writing descriptions to be considered 'valid'. I shouldn't have to tell anyone my hands are screwed to be left to post images without threat of being scolded.

@sophia "I'm disabled and can't type. Let me type 2,000 words to explain why."

@mdhughes Because all disabilities are consistent in how they affect a person, always, across the board.

@sophia Ask yourself if you're doing unto others as you'd have done to you. If you're crippled, do you want ramps? If you're blind, do you want reasonable steps taken to explain image posts?

@mdhughes I'm not saying don't caption images? I'm saying don't be an ass to people who may struggle with it. If you're going to expend the energy to give them shit over it without knowing their circumstances, you'd have greater impact just adding a description in the comments and help instead.

I don't know anyone who uses screen readers who'd want people to feel they couldn't engage or were pained because of it.

@mdhughes @sophia "i'm ableist and i love to make fun of disabled people who type 48 words to ask that they not be yelled at for not doing things that cause them pain" 🙄

@sophia i find CWs a usability concern for the same reason, and I wish they were at least opt-in rather than opt-out

@sophia I'm sorry you're getting shit for this, especially since you put up described images more consistently than the majority of posters.

@sophia I'm personally quite confused by the people who go around complaining. As you point out in your thread there are all sorts of valid reasons and there should be no pressure or need to disclose them. Generally talking about it and setting an example – if you can is so much more positive.
My approach is: I personally can and don't mind writing captions. I appreciate captions as sometimes they help me understand picture content better. Full. Stop.

@Lumb @sophia and also Lynne created the OCR bot which can be helpful if it’s a mostly text image.

@sophia this is one of my biggest problems with some of these communities of marginalized individuals. There's so much infighting it's easy to lose sight of the real goal

My hands are similarly affected. I usually use a voice typer, it works great on image descriptions as well.
Just as a tip - not to say you need to.

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