What I'm saying is I have a nice face,
Thanks for reading

@sophia these photos cured my headache and blossomed every flower in my garden

@sophia whao that's a lot of hashtag respects!! :blobcatsurprised:​ what a cutie!!!

@sophia Is it possible that you've had more sun as of late? :P

@brandon nope, they just show up more under certain lighting conditions

@sophia gah sahgjioagg erpthe lips the FRECKLES the soft eyes THE NOSE saedgjioa;gsjiogri wish i had freckles

@sophia Freckles are the most beautiful things in women, *deep breath*

@sophia "a skinny white arch linux user"

giggling at the alt text

@sophia "what's your gender"
"no like what's in your pants"
"an open-source kernel"

@sophia So beautiful and your freckles are awesome. All the best pal.

@sophia sophia did you know you're just cute as all hell?

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