@sophia I find especially pleasing how the depths stack narrowly in the first one, instead of the clear separation of subject and background

@lastfuture gives it a bit of a vintage feel since it mutes the colours

@sophia vintage colors from a vintage lens if I remember correctly? I like muted colors, so it's definitely a plus in my eyes

@lastfuture yeah, old kfit thing. Same, love a bit of character to a photo

@sophia over a decade ago I stumbled across this naturally lit scene with my first DSLR and it still charms me with its very subtle (unadjusted) color. Wish I still had the RAW

@sophia it was inside an old construction caravan, I closed its door to a slit and was lucky enough that the light hit just the right spot that way

@sophia lovely I am already thinking of eating tasty tasty plummmmmmmmmmmms

@sophia the colors in the one with the pink flowers 😍

@sophia nice pictures! Where did you take them?

@sophia Tintern Abbey, I've been there two years ago. Nice place!

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