@sophia Haha. It’s also a shock for someone from Australia where the default colour tends to be brown and dry!

@virtualwolf Haha fair! This place is extremely green from around now until october, when it becomes like a desolate wasteland in a post-apocalyptic film

@sophia the sophia smol pictures series is 💯 and extremely good, I have a moss one as my phone background but they're all so great

@amsomniac ahh that's so cool 😊 I never really imagine them to be of much interest to people

@amsomniac @sophia i went pretty far to learn this, and now, everywhere i go, i look a little bit closer, and listen out for the quiet things.

@meena @amsomniac it's not even looking closer so much as just looking at things. A lot of stuff is really disinteresting in day to day life but if you stop and actually *see* it there's usually some quirks. The texture of stuff, strange places plants are growing, out of place fonts on shop fronts etc

@sophia @amsomniac look, these glasses, ok, they're real, i'm shortsighted, i *have* to look closer to see 😝

but yes, i agree
i wish i had as much time to look and see, and touch and awe as i had as kid in those never-ending summers

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