@sophia Oh this has just reminded me to buy some kiwi fruits.

Gonna make a fake mustache out of the skin too.

@sophia me, watching this: "they're taking the skin off?! i fucking knew it. i knew that was for shock value. i knew- wait. oh no. oh my god. they're gonna take out the middle and eat just the fucking skin. i can feel it. there's the spoon okay here we go YEP I FUCKING KNEW IT OH MY GOD"

This video finished exactly as I expected it to. I think I know you too well.

@sophia yum! i’ve bitten into it with the skin... never as well thought out as this lol.

Sure, kiwi skins are good, but your nail lacquer is off the hook! 😍

@sophia XD
I was totally expecting something like that to happen, but not that XD

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