Finally making the confectionary I've been saying I would for 2mo

@sophia yum!!! i wish i was as good at making candy as i am at baking!!

@readytherhinos this is a lot easier than you'd think. I've basically been stood here watching a pot, mixing in warm salted peanuts and sticking it in a pan

@sophia how do you warm the peanuts first? i made candies pecans one time and the coldness of the pecans made it not so great

@readytherhinos I use the grill. Stick them under a low heat while the mix gets up to temperature then pour them in. It keeps the mix warm enough to stir and pour out. Roast them a little and the brittle is a lot softer/easier to eat too

@sophia ahh thank you for the tip!! ill definitely try that next time :3

@ViletteAlex peanut brittle, as it says in the toot above mine

I thought that second picture was cereal at first glance

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