Tasty Soup investigating nettles for the first time the other day. Started off curious and ended in stamping, but she did eat it after calming down. 6/10 ·

Casserole vs a dock leaf. Extremely pleased. He'll eat anything and this particular anything is actually edible rather than furniture so happiness goes beyond 10/10 ·

@anne they're either not affected or not bothered by them

@sophia Maybe it's like chili powder - this is their nice spicy treat?

@sophia this is a salve right now, good buns eating leafy greens

@sophia do your dogs & your buns interact, or do you have to keep them separate?

@mvp one of the bunnies bullies my staffy so they have to be kept apart, but the other dog spends time with them a lot. They're the same size/one bun is bigger than her anyway

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