what's the discourse, pals
i'm out the loop

@sophia We’re cancelling healyn for going to too many weddings

@LuigiEsq valid
attending too many social functions sounds like something a cop would do imo

@sophia well, we're all trapped on a dying planet under control by a bunch of climate change denying old white dudes trying to further the class warfare agenda every day, that's been the running theme since 2017 for me.

how about you Sophia?

@sophia i saw, and if i may be quite blunt:

What a bunch of twats. - spoken in my perfectly broken americanized john cleese impersonation.

@sophia @chuck


It wasn't Sophie's Choice?

I'll see myself out.

@sophia @chuck

I was looking for a job when I found this one...

@chuck @sophia

ew... You live in Heathen Time Zone.

Don't worry, there's hope... I did too.

@chuck @sophia

yeah... it sucks like that...

I've long said that I was a beachbum born without a beach.

pretty sure if I had been born near the pacific I would NOT be doing anything but surfing...

@thegibson funny thing is i don't think it sucks here :)

It's all what you make of it I suppose.


It's not that it sucks... It could just be improved with a coast...

That's the only upside I can see from Global Climate Change... with any luck, I'll eventually get a coast.

@thegibson *cough* Byeee california, hellloo oceanfront nevada


I think Tool said it best.

"learn to swim
I'll see you down
in Arizona Bay"

@remotenemesis @chuck

Oh, Hey... West Coast is awake...

everybody... ixnay on the izonaaribay baybay

@sophia let's see
[pull out clipboard with scribbled notes directly on the wood]
enbies are cute;
historic buildings burning is bad, actually;
3D printing metal could be easy, but there's too much IP bullshit in the way;
recursive programming is probably bad except when it's good

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