Does your instance consider user privacy the most important thing? Want to give your users the best security? Piss off the entire fedi. The best security is no one being willing to federate with you. :thinka:


@sophia shit your pants so hard everyone just leaves


@Shrigglepuss Announce you are going to allow people to shit on the floor repeatedly so they can run away before it starts


@sophia there's an instance for everything right? On our fediverse tour, if you look to your right you'll see the pay for entry sewers

@sophia id it launches they are gonna see how quickly racist stuff becomes a problem. Wtf are they thinking? Charge every one 7.99 but the POCs get called racial slurs while still paying 7.99.

@sophia secure your data with our proven Destroy All Your Belongings And Move To The Mariana Trench methodology

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