@sophia I swear it knew it was being photographed in the last photo. Such a pose

@sophia in the third picture, it's definitely a possum

@moritzheiber Thank you! The sun has been amazing this week, does absolute wonders :blobhappy:

@sophia Absolutely, I truly envy you. Although I can also sympathize with your apparent insomnia all too well 😟

@moritzheiber Never a great thing to have, eh? At least I'm getting something from it tho, so that's something at least

@sophia Yup, I agree. It must be very rewarding and cathartic even ..

For me, there's hardly anything more unnerving than lack of sleep. I don't work well sleep-deprived.

Luckily, the usual remedies still work (no laptop/phone in the bedroom, reading a book for a few minutes instead) .. but my schedule takes me to a lot of different places, and not sleeping in your own bed is a part of it I'm afraid..

@moritzheiber Mine is usually pain related, which is frustrating because sleep deprivation makes pain so much harder to cope with which in turn is exhausting. It's a horrible loop! Eventually I will sleep a long time and be ok again for a while/able to manage, or that's normally the case anyway

@sophia Oh dear, that's indeed a vicious circle 😞 I hear you, sleep quality has such a tremendous impact on my own recovery as well ..

My best wishes, and in that light I'm really glad you're still able to see and appreciate the upsides

@moritzheiber Thank you! Hope you don't find it to be a problem for you any time soon or that it passes soon if it is

@nev they're horrible little creatures and I have a deep respect for that

@sophia Moorhens! The poor man's coot. I like their yellow feet

@nev they're a lot less common here, the coots took over about 20 years ago and edged them out apparently. It's the first I've seen! They're lovely 😊

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