@sophia I'm fighting this idea since 2013. My clients are always upset because CC 2014 was nice but CC 2015 bugged everything etc... Every updates the same speach. Event the Adobe Support team didn't help : "Sorry this is just the support for the installation program. Your software run as expected. Great, if you have a bug you should buy real support..."
Only one of my client leave Adobe completly

haha fuckers.
a few years ago I worked for the NHS & employees could get the whole of MSOFFICE with updates for a few quid - £8 I think?
So I thought why not.
A few years after that everyone got emails from MS saying "This offer has been withdrawn, you must now all delete this software from your computers".
coz of course you buy stuff in the high street and then shops are always demanding that you return the goods without recompense, it's what makes capitalizm work yes?

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