Oh, nice tits
What kind of lense have you used ?
Results is pretty cool

@duponin 75-300. It's a really nice lens, I love the old clunky solid ones. They give a lot of character to photos

Yeah I totally understand you
Old lenses are really high quality and are oftenly cheap (compared to recent one). It oftenly gives a great character :blobcatmelt:

I wish I coudd use my old lenses on my DSLR

@duponin I use mostly old lenses on a Nikon dslr and love it. I've yet to spend more than about £20 on a lens so extremely cost effective 😊

@duponin @sophia You probably can find an adaptor. I'm using old Nikon lenses on my eosm mount camera. Picking up some screwmount CCD lenses soon. It's all manual but it all works.

Well, I can buy one but I will lose infinity…
(Wait, that's not a problem for portrait…)

@sophia excellent - particularly the one with the seed.

You give good birb content :) 🐤

@GwenfarsGarden thank you! I'm learning, bird photography is new to me

@sophia it must require a lot of patients, given how quickly they flit around!

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