@sophia yep. *cleaning monocle* 🧐 The notoriety of the drama with McDonald’s situation will win over Burger King’s thirstiness for business :blobdab:


Too bad that Wendy’s doesn’t have branches in the UK anymore (according to Wikipedia). I’d like to have seen their reaction.

@micrackbiron fascists getting milkshake thrown on them and a fascist holding a rally nearby

@sophia Ah, it all makes sense now. What the hell's going on with this world??

@micrackbiron I know it's a joke right, they should have at least left ice cream available for people to throw

@sophia @micrackbiron

random "food" fact: a considerable amount of McDonalds milkshake and icecream is carboxymethylcellulose, which has 0 nutritional value and is also widely used to make the slime that is often dumped on people as a forfeit on light entertainment and kids TV shows 😆

@sophia McDonald's blaming the police for their machine being broken is a weird flex but I can dig it

@sophia As someone else put it: "Your anti-fascism is being re-packaged and sold back to you"

@sophia They should make the milkshakes free if they cared about the movement and didn't just look for profit


one more reason to see if the humans in the United States can destroy the McEmpire

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