Some of my favourite pics recently (and I've kindly edited out the sensor dirt to save cringing of any photographers 😜❤) ·

It was really serene at sunrise and some of the pretty boys look like they're glowing 😍🐦 ·

@moritzheiber there's two large ponds here, swans nesting in one and geese in the other. I guess this shows why they usually stay apart lmao

@sophia Goose mating season is hell when you live near a lake. But the after effect of watching ducklings and goslings follow their mama everywhere is well worth it

@somarasu I'm loving seeing all the tiny babies growing, especially now I'm starting to learn what each kind of duck/goose is like. The coots especially, they have so much character!
Looking forward to the cygnets

@sophia Coots are fantastic, but we dont get em around here.

The Chinese geese are back around the lake, making three different breeds this year, and there's been some interesting hybridization; there's one female goose that's just a kaleidoscope of Earth tones 😂

@poujolrost there were no females active this morning and I didn't want to risk disturbing the brooding ones on the banks

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