There's video of him retreating to a chorus of laughter hahaha

ukpol, milkshake 

HERE IT IS. Video of Nigel Farage actually getting milkshake thrown on him

@sophia this has made my day. how do you fucking like it, Nigel? Haaaaahahahahaa

ukpol, milkshake 

@sophia Being an homophobe I guess he won't enjoy to be drowned in cum.

@sophia I will never experience that amount of pure glee on that absolute hero's face

@nosimpleway @sophia i can't stop thinking of this comment it's so good. thank you

@sophia I love how many burly men are dedicated to keeping him safe from milk, and they still failed.

@mike you could see the guy stood there holding it, they went straight towards him??
On the plus side the guy looks mega pleased with himself

@sophia @mike
My theory is that all those press guys with cameras were surreptitiously herding Nige towards anyone holding a cup, in the hope of a good shot.

@zoe yeah not surprising. There's police crawling all over these things now

@sophia On the Indy's version you can hear what they're saying too:

Glum Farage: "Complete failure. I could have spotted that a mile off"

Security guy: "… sorry"


@Nach @sophia "I could have spotted that a mile off"

and yet, Nigel, you didn't spot it even when he was right in front of you

@sophia What happened to the person, who threw it on him? Is he alright? The police bloke did seem quite unpleased.

ukpol, milkshake 

re: ukpol, milkshake 

re: ukpol, milkshake 

re: ukpol, milkshake 

re: ukpol, milkshake 

@patterfloof and lo, we once again prove that violence IS a good solution to fascists

@sophia regardless of his persona, he wants to deconstruct the EU. in my oppinion a destructive, corrupt, oppressive and enslaving institution.

@Steven_Vervaecke by 'persona' I assume you mean 'racism, fascism, and continual stoking of racial tensions and xenophobic hatred'

@sophia I am not a English person but am from other european region. So cannot comment on much antics, but with persona i mean him as a person.
As a sidenote, i am for a nuanced approach and i have a very open mind to other viewpoints. I did like his speaches in the EU parliament.

Another note, i am totally against racism, and ii can seperate subjects from eachother

@Steven_Vervaecke If you can somehow separate him from his views, views which have helped increase racism and bigotry alarmingly in my country and put many at risk of violence, from the racism itself then I've no interest here.

Have a good evening.

@sophia It is hard to put that evolution to the realisations of one man. But I get it, you dont like him.

In any case, what do you think of the EU? do you like it or are you against it? I want to know your thoughts on that.

@Steven_Vervaecke @sophia the most oppressive thing i, a gay tran, have ever experienced in my life is the EU suggesting i dont say racial slurs

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