ukpol, milkshake 

Nigel Farage has now said campaigning is becoming impossible.
Milkshake is powerful stuff.

ukpol, milkshake 

@sophia Only impossible if you're a massive twat tbf

@sophia I will never experience that amount of pure glee on that absolute hero's face

@sophia I love how many burly men are dedicated to keeping him safe from milk, and they still failed.

@mike you could see the guy stood there holding it, they went straight towards him??
On the plus side the guy looks mega pleased with himself

@sophia @mike
My theory is that all those press guys with cameras were surreptitiously herding Nige towards anyone holding a cup, in the hope of a good shot.

@zoe yeah not surprising. There's police crawling all over these things now

@sophia On the Indy's version you can hear what they're saying too:

Glum Farage: "Complete failure. I could have spotted that a mile off"

Security guy: "… sorry"


@Nach @sophia "I could have spotted that a mile off"

and yet, Nigel, you didn't spot it even when he was right in front of you

@sophia What happened to the person, who threw it on him? Is he alright? The police bloke did seem quite unpleased.

ukpol, milkshake 

@sophia Dat milkshare scare all the fash from the yard

And they like, "Ahhhhh I got milkshake on me"

re: ukpol, milkshake 

"A man was dragged away by a police community support officer and later seen in handcuffs.

Paul Crowther, 32, from Throckley, Newcastle, said it was a £5.25 Five Guys banana and salted caramel milkshake." No expense spared.

re: ukpol, milkshake 

Go here for pictures of our new hero, Paul, and his empty cup. The BBC loves it.

re: ukpol, milkshake 

@y6nH i wonder if there's a gofundme up for his legal fees yet? @sophia

re: ukpol, milkshake 

@y6nH He tweeted about it, he couldn't believe it and seems so happy lmao

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