Need visual representation of UK politics rn? Here's a duck kicking itself in the face repeatedly ·

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Moorhen. Years ago there used to be a lot of these about but the coots pretty much told them all to fuck off. Rare for them to be out like this and so close ·

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7 of these grumpy little buggers sat on the bank in front of me today, all just arguing with each other ·

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@sophia I actually saw some geese with goslings on my walk today. Not sure what kind of geese they are, they seem to be Egyptian geese?

@sophia Seem to be more and more common in my country. Apparently we call them the Nijlgans and they are said to defend their territorium fiercely, but those thankfully just walked away from us when we passed them (on the path).

@trinsec @sophia they look like Egyptian geese to me, we have lots here. The only time I've had one honk at me was when I was sitting in its path; they seem pretty mellow. The greylag geese on the other hand...

@sophia I want that duck to stop doing whatever it's doing. Same with UK politics. Great analogy!

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