data availability does not mean consent is granted to third parties to process the published data in any way they wish.

this especially includes longterm archival of people's personal lives.

if archive team archived the entirety of google plus, it would be a scandal.

@kaniini "More important are pictures, discussions, etc. It's easier to just grab everything, though (and a random "I'm gay" post isn't harmful to anyone)."

Holy shit that guy
So it's fine to take photos of people and publish them elsewhere without them knowing or consenting, and since you need to KNOW to opt-out, leaving them blind to the whole thing. Fuck techbros tbh, this is why no one likes them


not to mention a random "I'm gay" post could wind up being harmful to someone, since they will have thought the post vanished 5 years down the line when the instance doesn't exist anymore.

@kaniini I've seen wayback machine content come back to bite people, and it is used as a tool for harassment with people's content archived when they're having meltdowns and shit.

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