@sophia Ah, I wish you needn't compress these videos so much .. damn you Mastodon *shakes fist*

@sophia Yes! Totally .. but they're all adorable, it's brilliant

@moritzheiber I couldn't make it yesterday, and today they were all waiting. She flew in immediately, the swan was out the water pecking at the pea bucket, even the moorhen and crow were about. 😍😁

@sophia haha, I would say they're all quite appreciative of your affection..

Makes you hope they're not getting used to it too much .. wouldn't want to have them go starving because you're not around or on vacation 😟

@moritzheiber it's a very big tourist spot so they get a lot of food. Admittedly largely bread but they do ok. I suspect being the first visitor of the day helps!
It's something I intend to keep doing, it's a nice start to the day

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