My kink is watching tech bros get annoyed when you keep reminding them bitcoin is ecologically unsound.

See also: misquoting political philosophers to right wingers to misrepresent the reality of the political landscape.

Thank you, Carl Marx, for your contributions to capitalism and the rights of the individual against the collective

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@sophia you could say the same about Gentoo, that’ll piss them off (also, me)

@gordon @sophia yep 🤷‍♀️ next step will be « ASRM : me looking to ASMR videos »

@sophia Wasn't Carl Marx the guy who invented Donald Trump, the angry duck?

@sophia how much energy does bitcoin currently consume?

@meena A lot. In some areas the money it's producing is almost equal to the energy consumption required to produce it

@sophia @meena there are some studies about it. though while I'm against bitcoin, I'd like to see the same for current banking etc industry.

@sophia There is this #june 'free currency' going on in France and a bit around. Quite opposite to bitcoin.

@sophia also how is it still entirely impossible to buy anything meaningful like, say, food with it? Bitcoin is a wasteful investment toy for douchebags

@sophia bitcoin (and like 99% of things blockchain is used for) is jackass libertarian technology. like yeah i agree that payment processors have way too much influence but maybe there's also a solution to this that doesn't both rival whole continents for energy usage and completely fail at being usable as money



...a huge portion of Bitcoin mining is performed using excess renewable electricity which would otherwise go to waste.

@jez which doesn't nullify the ecological impact of the global bitcoin market that's driving an increase in power consumption that's from non-renewable sources


Fiat currency also uses nonrenewable materials: fossil fuels for energy, metals for coins, metals for fraud protection, etc.


(Also, don't worry, I'm not a hardliner. Your point is valid: Bitcoin uses too much electricity on useless garbage math. Other cryptos are way better in that regard.)

@jez Quite. Efforts should be looking to move in the other direction wholesale, rather than increase the problem at a time when it's clear the planet is undergoing catastrophic changes as a result of these things already


Indeed! Hmmm.... Has anyone ever made a hashing algorithm that helps process weather prediction data? 🤔🤔🤔🤔


I just discovered EcoCoin but I don't know how to feel about it...

@jez @sophia A PoW scheme that incentives users to donate processing power to research projects is better than the current state of things, but does nothing to solve the fundamental problems with PoW.

I see a better solution in GNU Taler: it is not a currency but a open payment processing system for existing currencies (ie. an alternative to PayPal and Visa, not for the Dollar and the Euro). Transparent for tax reasons but private for the consumer, without PoW or blockchains.

@vonubelgarten @sophia

Agreed, putting extra stuff on top of PoW doesn't really improve the situation ecologically. Having a PoS is not egalitarian. Having a Proof of Identity system with meatspace meetups certainly doesn't help reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Hmmmmm.... A libre federated payment infrastructure would be great! But why would for-profit payment systems want to federate with a not-for-profit system which would compete with their model?

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