@sophia *reaches for yellow flag, decides against it*

Play on.

@sophia It's public domain, but it's an artifact-only release.

@sophia based on a certain short fiction series that I regret reading, yes

@sophia Nah, the licenses are really restrictive.

@sophia I am now doing some serious googling to work out if DNA is software or hardware or some combination

@LordOfTheGeeks the question of licensing around DNA based on that conundrum is actually really fascinating and terrifying

I mean... I guess it depends on how long you leave it for

@FrazzledBrynn @sophia as a random aside I only recently learned that cum liquifies if left alone for about 5 minutes. Very weird


@LordOfTheGeeks @FrazzledBrynn @sophia All I can imagine is you in post orgasm bliss with your partner, and 5 minutes later you're both like "oooh, it's liquefied!"
Idk just that image is just romantic and hillarious to me :P


@diffractie @FrazzledBrynn @sophia rofl. Sadly the situation I learned this in was somewhat more, um clinical.

The stuff I'm used to kinda goes like pva glue, you can peel it off🤔🤔🤔

Well it contain TBs of genetic data which is a lot of information to swallow.

@mangeurdenuage for some reason that you are replying to this from load average is absolutely hilarious

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