How do I install on my phone, is it in the store

How do I put on my so I can get from the app store? Thanks


you can only get it on the #windows store

that's the only verified source for certified #FOSS software

@mal how do I use the Microsoft store on my iPhone

@sophia @mal you need to get a Windows Phone. iPhones run Linux already so they banned it from the app store so nobody could hack them


I think the genius bar has to install it for you because they have #foss certifications from Richard Stallman

@sophia I got mine from by connecting my phone to #Microsoft Edge

@sophia Yes, there's Debian on F-Droid. Never tried it myself though.…

I assume this was not as a serious question as I read it, but just for the record: if you want something that feels like "Linux" on an android phone then you should try:

And also for the record: you actually use Linux on an Android phone, as every Android uses Linux as its Kernel. So what you are actually are looking (I assume so) for is something that is more alike to a GNU environment than an Android environment.

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