What kind of is then? Is there a distro available somewhere

@sophia Nooo, don't go there... or else you'll have them crawling out of the woodwork about GNU+Linux, GNU-Linux, GNU*Linux, GNU/Linux, GNU^Linux and GNU√Linux... and that's before they even start into HURD...

Some sleeping dogs are best left to lie...

Let's be honest, @sophia has never been one to let this particular kind of sleeping dog lie.

@lanodan @shivvi @sophia Yes, definitely a really interesting way to write logGβ‚™α΅€(Linux)

@sophia No! GNU is Linux without Linux. You can not have GNU without Linux unless you go HURD!

@shellkr well that sounds like a ridiculous kind of linux to use then, why would anyone choose to use GNU if it's not linux, especially when it claims to be :blobcatthonking:

@sophia You could call it a sort of GNU/Linux Gnu.. Which is different from GNU Hurd Gnu.. Pretty simple if you ask me

@shellkr @uncletrunks it's debian but modern and shiny

I wonder how you install the gnu in debian then

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