I'll never forget first getting into . The first free operating system I used was 98, then later XP. My step dad had pirated it from work along with some games from mates. I'm still a big believer in these days but that was definitely the start. I did a lot of too. I'd play cards for hours while IRCing.
Bring on the revolution imo

good old Baits 👌 Everyone will stop infighting in the fediverse and make fun of the guy with #linux in his bio who will explain to you IRC isn't FLOSS per se

@rjkucia way too much of my life has been spent among nerds and as a nerd

@sophia good thing you're safe here now, the place without nerds

@sophia My first introduction to open source software was a project called Calmira, a open source PROGMAN.EXE replacement for Windows 3.1 that brought the win95 experience to what I was using.

@clarjon1 @sophia I loved that thing so much, I was sad I couldn't use it on Windows 95.

@sophia my first free operating system was MS-DOS 2.05 and it came on a 5.25 inch floppy labeled with a crayon.

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