what if your nipples and big toes were the other way round

It'd be like budgie smugglers for ur tits
Bikinis would be novel

@sophia then my big toes would be sticking out because it is COLD today

@sophia feet pic economy would hit another stratospheric bubble

@sophia 😫😫😫😫😫😫

@sophia You mean my right was on my left and vice versa or . . . oh. . . oh no.

@sophia walking around in thongs err i mean in flip-flops would be interesting

@sophia Imagine cutting your toenails

or walking into the sea barefoot

@sophia I have a proposal, hear me out:

:blobstop: , No.

Why would I want toes on my FEET that's weird leave them be

@sophia You'd have better balance lying on your belly

@scribblefrog @Blakely bich I will squirt nipple juice from ym toes into ur socks

@scribblefrog @Blakely AAAAAAAA that's me yellin from my toe nipple
Look what you made me do

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