Why would you put pronouns in your bio? That's weird. You should add how many years you've been dedicated to your OS and what linux distro you're married to instead

@sophia @goat not the worst thing if they dont evangelize annoyingly

i don't mind people supporting communities they like, even if it's weird sometimes

@sophia @goat it's a shame that fossbros are so annoying, it's hard to unironically actually support anything without coming across wrong

like, i want to be like, 'i appreciate the work arch maintainers are doing for providing a stable and up-to-date linux experience in a landscape with lots of dodgy practices in popular distros'

@sophia brb getting rid of pronouns and putting in "btw: I use arch" on my profile

I've run out of room in my bio for all these things.

(OpenSUSE, at lease twelve years as a serious commitment. We had a regular thing before that but it wasn't exclusive.)

@sophia this is Debian, she's been my beautiful wife for `uptime` years

@sophia please use the correct term GNU/Linux, as per my profile 🤓

@sophia i'm not sure my fiancé will appreciate if i suddenly marry someo… something else.

btw, are all GNU/Linux nuns married to Stallman, Linus Torvalds or Tux the Penguin

@Sturmflut polygamy is legal in linux and thus all of them and the gnu cow :gnu:

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