if you haven't told everyone what you're currently doing on gentoo are you really using gentoo :blobcatthonking:

@sophia Wait, _everyone_? This is worst than Arch.

Lost the game btw.

I'm saying this now, before I even look:
I'm going to lose the fucking game here aren't I? @lanodan

@sophia btw i won’t emerge -uDnavt @world until summer is gone.

@cambrian_era I forgive you, I'm just a convoluted ubuntu evangelist really
Debian xfce 4life :blobdab:

@sophia lol. Honestly I got used to it and don't care enough to learn anything else.

@cambrian_era same reason I use debian! The person who talked me through it all at the start recommended it, it's like comfy old shoes now

@sophia I mean I got my start on slackware and after that I was like, "Wow, being able to just... install things?"

@cambrian_era the 'you just tick a button???' Thing was a fuckin revelation, like what the fuck, why do people not lead with that when encouraging new users

@sophia @cambrian_era it is so unfair Debian is a real thing, as it should definitely be a twee as fuck way to say lesbian

@sophia Windows Server 2016 Core with Powershell is basically the same as #Linux

@sophia @inkblot_sandwiches Windows 10 and Mac OS X are just Linux that you're not allowed to fix when it breaks

@inkblot_sandwiches @sophia yeah but they let you fix it so it's clearly not as good

@ben @sophia I mean why would I fix it when someone else can do it for me tbh

@JackTorrence @inkblot_sandwiches if I go to Bing and right click I can view the source so no ur wrong

@JackTorrence @inkblot_sandwiches you do that, I will be over here enjoying my free as in freedom Windows 10

@sophia I remember that one time someone got really mad that they saw breasts because they wanted to know more about arch linux

@bryceyoungquist @sophia wait which of the three things I mentioned was Bryce Youngquist?

@sophia Do you currently have a stance on org mode?

@sophia it's one of the dependencies tagged on all the packages in their repo :thinkergunsunglasses:

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