"If other instances and users can block my personal Mastodon domain then how is Mastodon decentralised?? This isn't free speech! This isn't blockchain! It's lies!" is the most unintentionally hilarious meta take I've seen since the nazi posted that whiney rant about fse

Nice one, reclaim the net

But my free speech, silenced from harassing people who don't want to listen, censorship 😪😭😩😩😩😭😩

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If anyone sees that toot response about it not being blockchain pls link, I can't find it

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Nazis, Gab, Blockchain 

@sophia Hey, I love the whole idea of nati blockchain.

If gab toots were implemented as BitCoin transactions then, hell, if posters pay the transaction price, we'd see remarkably few nazi toots ;)

Nazis, Gab, Blockchain 

@sophia Pardon, natzi gabs not toots.

@sophia "If I can't spit in the water, how is it a public utility?"

@sophia what. the. fuck. do people think decentralized means???

@sophia “free speech means I get to poop on your rug” for real

@amydentata "Mastodon's main instance has blocked gab, clearly it doesn't know what Mastodon is supposed to be" lmfao
They know you're not welcome to poop on the rug and don't intend to give you a chance, how very wrong of them

blockchain is like the strongest concentration brain poison i have ever seen
@sophia oh my god, where did this amazing take come from?

@brainblasted the blockchain bit is from someone on a chud instance here talking about it but you get the gist from the article anyway, absolute gold

@sophia @brainblasted can't believe there isn't a comment section on that post, what kind of free speech denying monster is he

@sophia @brainblasted somebody needs to take that dipshit’s hyphens away oh my god it reads like a breathless street corner rant

which, actually, no, that tracks

@sophia @brainblasted good gods, this reads like a high school freshman jock's incredibly bad midterm English paper

@sophia @brainblasted

From the post:
"And they are not nearly prepared to let one of their country's founding principles, that of free speech, run its course, and differentiate itself on a free and open platform."


Mastodon wasn't written by an American.

Pleroma wasn't written by an American.

The Fediverse is a global network and sure isn't "American".

Not everything is about your country, Mr.Author Person.

🖥️ :blobglare:

@polychrome @sophia @brainblasted Yeah, we Americans gave up on free speech more than a decade ago.

@sophia @brainblasted reading this entire article to dispose of my last remaining brain cell

@sophia ask this dude to leave a party and he'll start hollering about how he's a sovereign citizen and you can't deport him

@sophia this is startlingly good unintentional art


The Treachery of Images
But a toot

@sophia I noticed that they published a bunch of pro-frogsite articles shortly after the changeover. Glowing reviews galore. 🤔
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