hello i am pretty and have lovely new boots which i love and am going to marry (lewd, eye contact, fantastic boots)

@sophia "Richard Stallman disrespecter" 🤣🤣🤣

@cgx @sophia hey, actually *respecting* Stallman is hard work and I am completely in awe of those who manage to pull it off!

@cgx @sophia hey, out of the loop here; what's the problem with Stallman?

nice pics btw!

paedophilia apologism 

paedophilia apologism 

paedophilia apologism 

re: paedophilia apologism 

@sophia These boots are definitively not made for walking. They're definitively not gonna walk all over whomever.

@sophia the only reason I follow this account is the captions


So lovely! ✨ that top is just unreasonably attractive


1) you are gorgeous !
2) every time i see "arch linux user" in your selfie captions i giggle uncontrollably

@kew thank you!
Dunking on arch will always be funny

@sophia gorgeous 😍 and omg I love the img descriptions!

@sophia Honestly, every time I think my long standing crush on you might be starting to fade, you go and do something like this, and just ❤️ *swoon*

@sophia It's only fair. You've been making me blush for years ❤️

@sophia I'm very much enjoying "skinny white arch linux user" in your image desc

also this look is extremely good

@sophia was expecting a rick roll or ducks but i got something way better

@sophia heel looks sharp enough to pop a Nazi’s eyeball

*opens wallet*

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