bird talk 

@norwin yeah I strongly considered getting a birds aren't real t-shirt a while ago 😁

@Ste1lar this one's a teenage raven 😊 he's the shit that drops things on my head a lot

@sophia i managed to get this published in a magazine as the first sentence of a review once (i also got the meme wrong)

@sophia wow, beak huge much? At least I can tell this lil guy is a raven!

@Sacchan a lot of people mistake him for a carrion crow! A thread of them went viral on twitter, it was doing my head in after a day and people kept trying to correct me lmao
They're the same size as large mallard ducks, too

@sophia yeah that’s exactly what I would mistakenly think it was if I saw it around here, unless it was kind enough to say something! Which means I very much could have unwittingly seen one/many

@Sacchan The first week we saw the mum about we thought she was a crow and paid little attention to detail, but when the fledglings appeared it was a bit more obvious. A crowd of them towering over the ducks was a bit imposing

Does the raven consider itself as a bird or just as a raven?

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