Ravenposting time. This lil comrade emerged with a swan feather this morning, seemed mega pleased with itself about it

They absolutely bodied a buzzard today. I thought someone might have been nearby since they all flew off, turned out they were mobbing it

buzzards get mobbed by every fucker going. I've seen lone swallows at it.
one swipe and it's byebye birdy but no, buzzard just kind of shrugs and goes hmmm think i'll just mooch off over here where its quieter.

@BadCarrot this one turns up quite a lot, or I presume it's the same one, the ravens seem to be the only ones to take exception (with the ducks swimming for cover obviously)

I like them because they look like they are wearing v-neck sweaters.

@BadCarrot what's with birds of prey looking like they're wearing clothes
Like kestrels and waistcoats or condors and rollnecks

Peregrines are properly attired to appear for the prosecution in a lengthy case at the OB

Note for Murican buddies:
A Buzzard in the UK is in the same genus as Red-Tailed Hawk in the USA, so not like an American style Buzzard, which is a Vulture.

@BadCarrot oooh I did not know this

I went into town today and saw loads of them over the fields and trees. Weirdly large amounts. They're obviously doing well here

Oh that's good to hear.
They've all got young at the moment, passed a nest in an oak the other day + could hear them all mewing.
They've declined here quite a lot over the past 10 years, used to sometimes see literally 30+ all riding thermals over the downs sometimes.
At the same time the Ravens have got more & more common - dunno if that's related.

@BadCarrot raven numbers are apparently doing a lot better nationally but certain areas are booming atm.
Would be interested to see if it's related. I know buzzards raid their nests so doesn't seem implausible


When I first moved here ~15 yrs ago, if I was *very* lucky I would see a Raven when I went to the coast.
Today, if I went out and looked for a couple of minutes right now, I'd probably see a few.

Buzzards will pretty much eat anything, rather like Ravens, so they compete for resources.

Persecution of Ravens has decreased hugely over the past couple of decades, so they've been spreading in-country from their old strongholds of mountain & coast.

@BadCarrot I've been really trying to think of whether I'd seen one out of captivity before and I don't think I have. The size of them really took me aback enough to look them up and i imagine it would have most other times too but idk.

Some people have been pretty stunned by the pics/that I get to see them so close. I kind of am too tho a bit, grew up thinking they extremely rare and it's hard to shake even with them next to me for some reason

I've never got so close to Ravens. They are normally really wary, so I wondered if this is a fam that's got used to seeing people at that site, possible over a few generations (they're so long lived) , plus your astute comment about them taking their cue from the ducks.

Ooh just heard a tawny owl screech just outside.
(a few years ago three fluffy babs perched up on the low roof ridge just by, and stared at me, doing that weird head-bobbling thing)

@BadCarrot I think they probably are quite used to it, it's become a bit of a tourist spot in recent years. I'm there nearly an hour a day at times and always have food so I suspect that's helping 😁 strange they don't like J though

I can't remember the last time I saw an owl! I love the head bobbing thing.
Saw a sparrow hawk take out a finch the other day, it's targeting the bird feeders in one of my neighbours gardens

Most birds will get used to someone if they're seen regularly. Wild birds that are easy to approach (or approach humans) are known as "confiding" to birders. Lovely word.

Have some owls (the first one is one of the babs I mentioned, April 2014)

@BadCarrot @sophia thanks for the clarification! I assumed she meant a vulture of some sort. Interesting.

@fireglow nah they've got a nest in a grove not far away, likely just territorial/being protective of their space

@sophia wow nice! So many cool animals nearby, I'm jealous!
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