I think is really important. I use instead of , I dumped years ago, I have a to use for everything. The kind of we have to keep us safe and secure now are immense.
That reminds me, I should get to order me another yubikey

@sophia maybe it's time to get a dash button for yubikeys

@sophia Your shitposting is honestly _next-level_. 😂

I have a question concerning the yubikey : how do you use the key when you are on your cell phone? There is a special key for cell phone?

@neolem You can get nfc ones, plug it in via USB (there's usb c, adaptors you can get etc)

My only problem with the yubikey is that it runs proprietary software, so we have no easy way to check for breaches and backdoor in it.
Maybe looking for #Librekey

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