Went to see the murderbirbs again. Here's Paisley, now 17 weeks old, stretching and just milling about. She's an Andean condor.

Yellow billed kite decided to join in the noise party with the black kite. Had a good yell before going out in the flying display. Looks v pleased with himself

@sophia followed for the shitposts, stayed for the birds :blobcatcool:

@sophia Where was that ? I saw one at Warwick Castle back in 2013. Massive bird.

@sophia Oooh, I'll add that to my list of things to visit next time I'm over that way. :)

@david Well worth a go! Nice gardens to just sit about in too 馃槉

@david just occurred to me, was the condor there at that time? She sadly died but was free roaming and lived in the grounds, told it was quite a sight. Raised by the same guy as Paisley and Pookie

@sophia Hmm, I don't recall a condor. Shame, that would have been quite impressive.

@sophia The mighty hunter is mighty whether peeling roadkill off the M40 or grubbing up earthworms.

They are good and useful comrades with a taste for nicking posh sandwiches out from under their previous owners' gammony noses.

@g1comics the yellow billed kites are apparently very fond of that particular hunting method!

@g1comics @sophia
After a demo with the birds a few years back:
Friend: "Is Maggie (Harris Hawk) allowed to have onion rings?"
Handler: Looks down to see Maggie has pounced down on one. "dammit, no"
Hilarity ensues as we watch handler trying to pry it in pieces out of Maggie's talons while she mantles over it. "mine, mine!"

@shatteredgears @g1comics @sophia McGill, where I did my graduate studies, has a raptor center (rehabilitates rescues, uses the ones that can't go wild for various studies, like scaring smaller birds into nets to study avian flu).

A fond memory is going to a Harry Potter book release party (yes in grad school, shush) where Professor Bird (aptonym) had brought some live owls along. One was tiny, fit in the palm of a hand, but another was a Great Horned Owl. Which are *huge*.

@anne @g1comics @sophia I work occasionally at Renaissance Faires, which usually have bird demonstrations by rehabilitators. Which also means that the "cast" can vary a bit year-to-year.
The past couple years one group had a Eurasian Eagle Owl. Holy jumpin! those things are HUGE.
They also apparently are more than a bit aggressive.
My fav though is always the Ravens. They're just hilarious. One, whenever he got bored (often), would hang upside-down from his perch.

@shatteredgears @anne @g1comics I adore ravens so much. I don't think I'd ever seen any until this year.
There's a family of 9 (wild) I see most days that I've known the newest lot of since fledgling. One of them gives me gifts, and they'll all arrive when I do and play around me while I feed the ducks I go to see. They spotted I live nearby in recent weeks and occasionally appear outside my house.

@sophia me, trying to figure out why TERFs think they have any valid arguments

@sophia trying to figure out why FOSSBROs think it's ok to well actually in my mentions

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