Tool finally on streaming services, I can at last delete the mp3s I've had for damn near 20 years 😭

@sophia Really? Where? Is the new album already released? Gosh this could be the best Friday ever!

@archehandoro nah just their old main albums, it's all on Spotify, Amazon etc

@sophia No need to answer, just saw on Spotify haha. Thansk for the too(l)t though! :)

@sophia oh gosh, this amazing. thank you for the heads up.

@sophia I have mp3s because I don't trust streaming services to stick around or keep the stuff I like :blobnervous:

@polychrome I'll be keeping back ups but no need to be on my devices is nice

@sophia Don't. Who knows how long the deal lasts. I'll keep mine anyway, in case you need some.

@Xjs I've got the CDs anyway so can always rip them but streaming is so convenient

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