If any of you needed any further reason to dislike rms (Photo of Stallman)

This is one of the worst things I have ever made

@sophia On one hand, a relatable sentiment. On the other hand, Assange is being used to discredit and call for the prosecution of legit journalists.

@sophia Like, if freedom of the press really hinged on Assange specifically, sure, but there are probably people deserving of attention and help who aren't democracy-undermining sex fiends. 🤢

@sophia Also lol @ the publicity photo with

Ask me

@sophia cock and ball torture is pretty tame by RMS standards tbf

@sophia hehehe...

But what's your opinion about RMS? I hate gnu stuff... But I don't hate him... Just ignore.

Mmm OK, I use emacs... :flan_heck:

@pounce @sophia "bouts of ..." what? (No, I don't want to read the RMS FAQ).

A series of "I enjoy bouts of ..." posters?

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