I got confirmation this morning that the wild boar here aren't actually wild boar, despite us being famous got them (god bless the power of marketing), but rather feral pigs and now I am being yelled at in the local WhatsApp I'm in.

Rural England, folks.


I started wondering after the natural history museum explained the difference between feral hogs, domesticated pigs, and wild boar. What they said strongly suggested ours don't count, despite being globally marketed as such, so started asking around.
They're not actually boar. They were boar enough to skim through for the meat market but under any official classification theyre just feral pigs.

A lot of locals romanticize the idea of this rare wildlife, an integral part of the forest and its history etc etc it's a load of shit but there's some kind of faith in it so facts are annoying I guess

@sophia iirc actual wild boars are extinct in the UK?

@sophia I think there's a sort of romance to wild boars specifically, as exciting and dangerous prey for our brave hunter ancestors.

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