Cishet male culture is feeling threatened by your girlfriends sex toys

@sophia sophia please don't come for my throat like this

@nuttgodd you would probably not be surprised to know this is a MASSIVE thing (lmao pun intended)
I have been asked for advice by girlfriends getting shit so many times 😬


Somehow i am surprised this is a thing, like haven't they figured out to simply learn how to use them on their girlfriend?

@slaveriq But then they would have to reconcile that it is not their dick alone from which they derive pleasure

@sophia That would make that hard (tihihi) to understand.
But that would also damn them to only have vanilla sex for all eternity. So i guess there is a silver lining.

@sophia is it ok when the main concern is they may loosen the foundations of your home?

@caziline @FrazzledBrynn this is v good to know, I've been looking at these 😍

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